Establishment: Brasov, Romania – July 2008 at the initiative of five friends, people heavily involved in cultural and artistic phenomenon of Brasov in Romania (an actor, a pianist, a journalist and two historians). They have proposed to provide an organizational alternative to the Romanian cultural environment (in general), and at Brasov (in particular). Benefiting from the experience of association members in different occupations and functions that they had to date, the Cultural Association MUSEION Brasov organizational goal is cultural and artistic diversification in communities with high tourism potential by creating events that become traditional and representative of communities willing to finance acts of high cultural, spiritual and material benefits whip significant medium-term and Cultural lung.Asociatia MUSEION Brasov is open to collaboration with local authorities in communities with high tourism potential and cultural center, with other organizations the same kind in Romania and abroad for various cultural projects artistice.

July 2008 Brasov

Information: Cultural Association MUSEION BRASOV

Registrul associations: 8469 / 197 / 2008

CIF: 24227265

CONT IBAN: CECE RO78 BV01 1214 063 43 RON

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